Aug 10, 2010

Progress, but no demo for this time.


It's going pretty well I can say. I'm sorry I disappoint you but no new version for the public, however I uploaded a new version to test it online but I won't publish the URL.

The first character I could light up in fire was the innocent as I call it. What he can only do is run if he sees Caleb. The next monster I added was the butcher. He can attack with close quarter axe hit, axe throwing and vomiting. I didn't add any sounds to the enemies yet. After this I rearranged some stuff in the game. I placed Caleb's movieClip within the enemy movieClip so I can use the same functions to cast projectiles, move them in space and search collisions. This means everyone who can be blasted (even the barrels) will take place in the enemy movieClip. This caused some collision problems with the _x coordinates but I fixed it in no time. I also added something that is called targe (since the keyword target is used in Flash). You could pronounce it as it was French :) So every enemy has a certain target. In the innocent guy's case the target is the person whom he's afraid of and tries to flee. If he sees his target he tries to escape the opposite way. I added a function that checks if the person can really see the target and it's not blocked by a wall or some other object. And here comes the tricky part! I also added that when I spawn an enemy the function returns with the name of the instance. This makes available to make one instance as a target to another instance. And even more! All enemies have a type and all projectiles have a variable that keeps record of who shot it and what was the type of the owner of that shot. This makes available to change the target of the person. If some of them is shot by a different type creature the creature becomes it's target by it's identifier. Also this keeps the same type of monster of killing each other but can cause pretty funny monster in-fights. :) You could say they are in teams, teammates don't hit each other but let's say for example if there's a zombie in the way and the priests start to shoot at Caleb, they will certainly hit the zombie then the pissed off zombie will go on killing the priests. One of the tests involved a TNT barrel, an innocent guy and a butcher. The innocent feared the barrel, the butcher was searching for me. I tried to make the butcher hit the innocent with a vomit and after that the innocent was fleeing from the butcher and wasn't afraid of me. So I think this whole stuff will be pretty fun.

After I'm done adding controls to all enemies I will fine-tune them. At the moment some of the weapons hit too hard, sometimes the easiest enemy dies after only 3 full shots of shotgun secondary shots.

I'll try to add some graphics to the blog in the future and not only URLs to the testruns of the game. Add some pictures of the development and make the site prettier. I'm not familiar with this blog editor but I'll try to do my best.

Keep up the hope because school is over and I'm very excited about making the controls for the enemies :)



Anonymous said...

everything i have seen is just A-Grade. keep it up

Hamish "Tchernobog" Wilson said...

Nice work so far Tamás, I would have checked up on you sooner but I have been too busy with my own projects recently. Glad to see this is still moving forward.

zZaRDoZz said...

Hello Tomas! It's great to hear about Caleb returning to flash.
Are you a java coder by chance?

Squall85 said...


Thank you! But sadly I can't code in java. I used to learn C# but nothing major.

Anonymous said...

2 years o' good work :) dont stop!

Anonymous said...

is this dead :(

Squall85 said...

No, just sleeping :)