Mar 6, 2010


Hello guys!

Another phase done! I'm happy to announce that all of the monsters from Blood are complete. In a previous post I stated that I might add some more creatures from Blood 2 but not all. You might comment which creature is your favourite and I might consider drawing some of them. Until that enjoy the finished graphics here

And the first release of monster gfx are here (duplicate link, nothing new)

So the next phase is to animate all of the monsters and maybe make them killable as I progress or after all the animations are done I don't know it yet... The animations are partially done for some of the creatures as you could see.


Hamish "Tchernobog" Wilson said...

Nice to see you are still alive, I needed some good news! If I were to suggest some of my favourite Blood II baddies, I would suggest the Shikari and Zealots, as they would go the best with the other enemies. Good luck with the project.

Anonymous said...

Wow nice! keep it up! (for a while there i thought you threw in the towel!)

Anonymous said...

long live blood forever! check out how many people have viewed the flesh game; it seems there is still a loyal fan base to blood material.

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