Sep 21, 2009

To swim or not to swim

Hello guys!

I'm getting closer to the end of drawing the enemies. The next big question is that:
Should Caleb swim?

If yes, then I must draw 2 more monsters, the bone eel and the gill beast. Plus I have to make Caleb able to swim and draw his animation while swimming.

Maybe the bone leech and some bigger Blood 2 monsters will appear too...

After all this stuff I can start to work on the "ai" of enemies. Ai is a bit harsh, rather say "mindlessly attack" with different types of attacks. Then I can draw the levels and reveal the story in depth. Oh, I can't wait to shoot the sh*t out of them... So I'm gonna let you decide by commenting:

Do you want Caleb to be able to swim?


Anonymous said...

Swimming would be cool i think, as underwater was a sizable chunk of blood gameplay. plus, the bonefish and those sharkmen were cool!

btw, good job so far! keep it up bro

Anonymous said...

Is this still alive?

Squall85 said...

Yupp, still alive. The project goes on in my head if I have time I'll continue. But I have a very few comments so I don't know if people are interested in this whole stuff.

Squall85 said...

Good news! Even thou I didn't make a poll or something and only one person suggested that I should make Caleb swim today I started to work on the GFX needed for swimming and some programming. The first attempt was promising so I think it won't be a problem. I hoped I could spare some creature drawing by skipping the whole swimming and water part as the first commenter said "underwater saw a sizable chunk of blood gameplay". So keep up the hope cos I'm back to work :)